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Tai Chi For Seniors

Aimed at people with mobility or balance issues, Tai Chi for Seniors is a sitting exercise class with some optional standing exercises.  The exercises are drawn mainly from Taijiwuxigong and other Daoyin exercise systems.  An adapted short Tai Chi sequence is taught to ongoing groups. The aim is to safely:

Improve balance and confidence

Improve alignment from the feet up to the top of the head;

Gently rotate and open all joints

Lengthen and relax the major muscles

Cultivate slow deep breathing

Improve concentration

Increase vitality

And have fun!

Testimony from a participant

"Thank you so much for your Tai Chi lessons. When I started I couldn’t stand without support and when I fell and broke my pelvis it was doubtful if I would ever walk properly again.  You gave me exercises (remember the walking backward one) and we perservered.  Two years later I’m popping down to the shops (with a walking stick I admit just in case) as you said.  I can stand straight and walk normally.  

I know that the exercises have also helped my osteo arthritis and the special breathing helps my heart problem.  They calm me down and make me take my time and get ready-steady for the day.

You make our lessons fun and all the class love our sessions.  Here at X we are all friends and Tai Chi is a highlight in our week.  We all agree we feel better for Tai Chi!"

DB, Resident, St Monica's Trust.


Finding a sense of peace 

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And having fun!


I have taught groups of seniors since 2000 either as one off sessions or as regular ongoing groups.  Classes can be customised for a particular group.  I particularly enjoy teaching people who want to maintain their  physical and mental well-being for as long as possible.  I can help with that.

Testimony from an Activities Co-ordinator

"I would like to thank you very much for the fantastic service you have provided throughout the last year.  The residents tell me that they really enjoy their Tai Chi  class and are looking forward to attending.


You have such a lovely rapport with each person attending your class and have built really trusting relationships with the residents.  Your ability to encourage each individual and to enable to them to partake at their ability level and extend their skills as well as learn new skills, is a real gift and keeps the class members interested and the class so enjoyable for the residents.  I know that the residents think very highly of you."

DH, Activities Co-ordinator, St Monica’s Trust.


How people  have described how they feel after a Tai Chi lesson

Relaxed  Energised  Balanced  Bouncy   Calm  Looser  Better   Supple  Tingly  Wonderful 

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