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Why Taijiwuxigong?


It can be practised standing or sitting - and if needed lying down.


There is no long complicated sequence to learn.


It can be practised at home.


Regular practice can positively help your physical body, ease  breathing, help concentration, mental health and energy levels


Closing Daoyin





How people  have described how they feel after a Tai Chi lesson

Relaxed  Energised  Balanced  Bouncy   Calm  Looser  Better   Supple  Tingly  Wonderful 

Qigong is an ancient system of Chinese exercise practised for its health benefits.  The gentle movements stretch and open the body, improving circulation, breathing and increasing a feeling of vitality.  The Chinese call it a ‘Longevity Practice’ as it maintains the functioning of the body and mind as we move through life.  These mind-body-energy techniques of Qigong are the foundation of Tai Chi.  


Taijiwuxigong is a Qigong system which is based on the movements of Tai Chi.  The system was developed by Dr Shen Hongxun when he was teaching seniors Tai Chi in a Shanghai park.  He found that although they found it difficult to remember the Tai Chi sequence the repetition of certain movements brought about changes in their health.  They  improvements they reported  included  asthma, hypertension, muscular-skeletal problems.  As a physician he was intrigued by this and continued to research how Tai Chi movements might create a positive changes in health and well-being.  It was chosen as the most effective Qigong system at the 1988 World Qigong Congress held in Peking.  


The goal of Taijiwuxigong is self-healing.  Its two main ingredients are activating the body’s internal energy system and encouraging the Qi (vital energy) to move through the body by opening the joints and relaxing the muscles.  The Qi moves because of a combination of physical posture and mental intention.  It can be experienced as a feeling of warmth, vibration or spontaneous movement.  This helps the body clear blockages and areas of stagnation leaving you feeling clean, light, tall and quiet.  


Taijiwuxigong consists of 3 stages and within these are 8 Levels.

Stage 1: Activation of the Lower Dantian

Stage 2: Clearing of the 5 Channels and their branches (Levels 2-7)

Stage 3: Development of special function through mental exercises and relaxation.


A Taijiwuxigong class will begin with the activation level and then work through cleaning the channels.  The teacher will help by aligning the posture and activating the lower dantian (the engine of the body's energy system).  The final stage, when clear and quiet, is where the benefits of meditation can be fully experienced.  It also works very well on zoom.


If you would liketo know more have a look at the Taijiwuxigong page of the Buqi Institute


I also teach these other styles of Qigong Daoyin: 5 Animals, 9 Golden Dragons, Yijin, Emei and Sound.

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