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Tai Chi and Qigong are considered to be internal health arts.  The practice of both strengthens the internal energy system and this then can be expressed externally either as artistic expression or for self defence or healing others.  Buqi means  to give Qi, to give energy.


"In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."  Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, 1937 Nobel Prize winner in medicine  


Buqi is a method of healing.  It is based on the core idea of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that illness is caused by obstructions to the smooth movement of Qi.  The aim of Buqi is to clear any blockages and so allow the body to return to a state of balance.  There are other factors such as the effect of the seasons, diet, life style, cold, damp and heat which influence the body’s ability to be well.


Buqi helps to lengthen the spine, improves posture and clear the effects of stagnation from the body.  After a treatment patients report feeling quiet, calm and more free in their body and emotions.


In a Buqi treatment the practitioner will work at a distance from the patient, directing different forces to clear the areas that are blocked.  They may use vibration or movement information or warmth but always combined with a clear outward direction.  The Buqi therapist will  give exercises so that the patient can continue the healing process after their treatment.  


During a treatment a patient may have a feelings of warmth, the spine stretching, vibration, experience spontaneous movements or pain moving.  These are all signs that something is changing or ending.  Not everyone feels something but that isn't necessary for it to work.  Buqi works deeply, on a subtle level and it can have a positive effect on most medical conditions and can help support a patient through conventional medical treatments.


For more information on the Buqi system take a look at the Buqi Institute pages








How people  have described how they feel after a Tai Chi lesson

Relaxed  Energised  Balanced  Bouncy   Calm  Looser  Better   Supple  Tingly  Wonderful 

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