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This website aims to share with you some of the pleasures and benefits of Tai Chi (TaiJi) and the related disciplines of Qi Gong (Taijiwuxigong),  Buqi and Meditation - and my work as a teacher and practitioner of these arts.


Tai Chi has been described as 'Everything'.  This may sound a bit grand but the practice of Tai Chi can have a far reaching positive effect on many areas of life.  It does this by working with all the different parts of a person: the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.  Regular practice can help life get smoother and increases your awareness of yourself and your environment in many new and exciting ways.


My goal  is to share the benefits of Tai Chi.  I specialise in adapting Tai Chi so that it can be safely practised by everyone - no matter their age or health.



"Karen's online classes have been such a delight during the restrictions imposed by the Covid pandemic. A chance to forget daily stresses and focus our minds and bodies on the new tai chi movements we have been learning. And then the times we were able to move outdoors into the fresh air added a further sense of awareness. Her sessions definitely refresh the parts that other exercise classes cannot reach! " JK



'Live' Tai Chi classes start back the week beginning

17th January 2022 

Until covid transmission rates reduce Tai Chi classes will be held on Zoom.  Click here for details.

Interested in learning the ancient health art of Tai Chi?  

Class details are here.  If you would like to book a place or want to know more get in touch via the contact page.



On New Year's Eve my friend and Tai Chi mentor, Paul Brewer, died. 

We shall sore miss his elegant and humerous teaching.  There is much to remember, practice and enjoy.  Forward and onward. 

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How people  have described how they feel after a Tai Chi lesson

Relaxed  Energised  Balanced  Bouncy   Calm  Looser  Better   Supple  Tingly  Wonderful 



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