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This website aims to share with you some of the pleasures and benefits of Tai Chi (TaiJi) and the related disciplines of Qi Gong (Taijiwuxigong),  Buqi and Meditation - and my work as a teacher and practitioner of these arts.


Tai Chi has been described as 'Everything'. This may sound a bit grand but the practice of Tai Chi can have a far reaching positive effect on many areas of life.  It does this by working with all the different parts of a person: the physical, mental, energetic and spiritual.  Regular practice can help life get smoother and increases your awareness of yourself and your environment in many new and exciting ways.


My goal  is to share the benefits of Tai Chi. I specialise in adapting Tai Chi so that it can be safely practised by everyone - no matter their age or health.



Thoughts on Tai Chi


I joined one of Karen’s Tai Chi classes in October 2022, not really knowing what to expect.  Exercise had never been high on my list of priorities, but I had decided that I ought to do something and thought that the slower pace of Tai Chi might suit me.  What I found was more than just exercise.


Karen is an excellent teacher.  As well as explaining and demonstrating the moves to be made, she provides individual support to students, moving a hand here, and a foot there, to optimise the positions.  She takes into account any health problems which may inhibit a student’s ability to move in a particular way, and above all, she makes the class fun.  The classes are educational, not just in how and what moves to make, but in why we do them.  As well as the benefits to health and wellbeing, Karen may also explain what some of the moves mean in Tai Chi as a martial art, which frequently provokes laughter as mind pictures are drawn of the outcomes.


After just one term of Tai Chi, in January 2023 I decided also to join Karen’s Qigong class, a practice of which I was even more ignorant but which I understood was the foundation stone of Tai Chi.  This has allowed me a greater insight into the benefits of Tai Chi for health and wellbeing.  I continue to attend and enjoy both classes on a weekly basis, and, in addition to noticing some physical changes in myself, I have also discovered an interest in the underlying philosophy.

DB, July 2023

It's the Year of the Dragon!

In celebration of dragons (both the Chinese and Welsh varieties) on 1st March some of us met for lunch at Dragon's Delicacy here in Bristol.  A jolly good time was had.  Here are photos of Before (jpg 4.56mb) and  After  (jpg 4.59mb).

Dates of classes

There will be no classes from 28th May until 6th June. 


How people  have described how they feel after a Tai Chi lesson

Relaxed  Energised  Balanced  Bouncy   Calm  Looser  Better   Supple  Tingly  Wonderful 

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