What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a martial art steeped in a thousand year old Chinese philosophy. It is now practised for the positive effect it has on health and wellbeing. Famous for its slow, graceful movements which cultivates a feeling of peace in the person practising; it also, critically, engages both the body and the brain.

These dancelike movements are grounded in a set of principles, in particular the Chinese theory of Yin and Yang - of balance and change. So whilst a student is learning the Tai Chi Form/sequence they will also express these principles; mainly in their relaxed, open posture and a quiet, focused intent.

Who can practice Tai Chi?

Tai Chi can be suprisingly demanding but because the movements are both relaxed and natural it can safely be practised by everyone. If you have any concerns about whether it is right for you contact both the teacher and/or your doctor.

Lightening X Back

Dr Shen Hongxun - Lightening Across the Back.

TJ ShenJin

Master Shen Jin - Parting Wild Horses Mane.

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