About me

I was one of those people who disliked sports at school. The thought of a walk on the moors near where I grew up filled me with horror. Then a motor cycle accident in 1977 and a year with a plaster cast on my leg left me with limited mobility. I was working as a community worker in London which meant some evening work and waiting for buses to get home. This encouraged me to attend a woman’s self-defence class. If I couldn't run away, I thought, I had better learn how to take care of myself. And quick. This was the start of what has turned out to be a 30 year adventure. All along the way I have been fortunate to have found brilliant teachers who have encouraged and inspired me (special mention here to Shen Jin, Paul Brewer, Alan Peck, Andy Henry, Ted Mancuso, Kaleghl Quinn). But what I teach (Yang style Tai Chi form of 37 postures) was developed and taught to me by Dr Shen Hongxun and who is the inspiration and the guide for all my Tai Chi endeavours.
I graduated as a Buqi Healer in 2000 and was given permission to teach Taijiwuxigong by Dr Shen in 2001. I am fully insured teacher and practitioner.


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